Celantur On-premise

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Easy to use

Once set up, you run Celantur on-premise with, e.g.

./celantur.sh -a face -a license-plate --format pano:8000 

Example Parameters

  • -a face, -a license-plate: Anonymisation of faces and license plates. Supported objects are faces, license plates, whole bodies and vehicles.
  • --format pano:8000: We support the common image formats for mobile mapping and indoor mapping, e.g. panorama, Cubemap and single camera images.

Highest Quality

Our software provides state-of-the-art detection rates. The parameters can be fine-tuned to your use case.

High Throughput

With the recommended hardware setup, you can process a Trimble MX9 panorama image in ca. 4.5 seconds and a single image in ca. 1.2 second, i.e.

  • ca. 800 panorama images or ca. 3000 single images in an hour.
  • ca. 19,000 panorama images or ca. 72,000 single images in 24 hours (running non-stop).