Celantur Container Release Notes

Version 22.06.8

Released: 2022-06-30

    You can now send and receive images from the container via a REST API. This makes integration into your data pipelines even easier and more convenient: Celantur Container API Documentation

  • Generate segmentation masks
    Create binary or instance segmentation masks for processed images. These mask files can be used for further image analysis and faster processing: Generate segmentation masks with the Celantur container

  • Up to 60% faster processing by generating only metadata and segmentation masks
    By selecting the new “detect” method (instead of e.g. “blur”), the container is running only the inference on images, skipping the anonymization. This results in faster processing times when only metadata or segmentation masks are required.

  • Size of Docker image reduced by 1 GiB

  • Several bug fixes and quality of life improvements.