To run the The Celantur container with a simple command-line interface to anonymize images.

Hardware requirements

  • CPU: recommended 8 cores
  • Memory: recommended 32 GiB RAM
  • NVIDIA GPU: minimum 4GiB RAM, with compute capability >= 3.7

Software requirements


You will be provided a license file which is required to run the Celantur container. To personalize your license, you need to provide us your GPU UUID. This is the unique identifier of your GPU.

How do I find my GPU UUID

On Linux with NVIDIA driver installed, run in terminal:

nvidia-smi -L

On Windows (via Windows Subsystem for Linux), run in PowerShell:

nvidia-smi.exe -L


Is Microsoft Windows supported?

Yes, Celantur on-premise runs on Windows 11. However, CUDA / GPU support on Windows is currently in an experimental stage.

Alternative, you can install Ubuntu on a separate partition:

  1. Create a bootable USB or bootable DVD.
  2. Follow the official stept-by-step installation tutorial.

You can install Windows and Ubuntu on the same machine.