Celantur on-premise is a Dockerised application with a simple command-line interface to anonymise images.


  • CPU: recommended 8 cores
  • Memory: recommended 32 GiB RAM
  • NVIDIA GPU: minimum 4GiB RAM, with compute capability >= 3.7



For licensing, you are required to provide the GPU UUID.

On Linux with NVIDIA driver installed, run in terminal:

nvidia-smi -L

On WSL, run in PowerShell:

nvidia-smi.exe -L


Is Microsoft Windows supported?

Yes, Celantur on-premise runs on Windows 10. However, CUDA / GPU support on Windows is currently in an experimental stage.

Alternative, you can install Ubuntu on a separate partition:

  1. Create a bootable USB or bootable DVD.
  2. Follow the official stept-by-step installation tutorial.

You can install Windows and Ubuntu on the same machine.