Image and Video Blurring

Automatically anonymize faces, license plates, bodies and vehicles. Comply with the GDPR, CCPA, APPI and other privacy laws.

Use Cases

Our solution is applicable to a wide range of commercial and industrial use cases.

Mobile Mapping

Fast, precise and scalable solution for blurring a large number of panorama and planar images.

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Drone Mapping

Automatically blur images and videos of drone mapping and inspections.

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Indoor Mapping

Automatically blur personal data on imagery for Indoor Maps, BIM and Digital Twins.

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Self-Driving Vehicles & ADAS

Build Privacy by Design in your Data Acquisition Workflow for Autonomous Vehicles.

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Why Celantur?


Use our cloud service, run it on your own cloud or local environment.


Our algorithms are fast and optimised to work on different formats and resolutions.

Cost Efficient

Automated anonymization is faster than human labor. The more you anonymize, the less you pay.


Trusted by industry-leaders. Here's what they say about Celantur.

"With a GDPR inflicted raise of data privacy awareness, anonymization has become a critical task in the processing chain of remote sensing data.
The Celantur solution proved to be a reliable tool for the various kinds of imagery collected with RIEGL laser scanning systems. Even under difficult light conditions the software achieved an impressive detection rate."

DI Christian Sevcik

Manager Strategic Software Alliances
RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems GmbH

"Celantur has helped us win well-known customers for our mobile mapping business. Their solution has made us and our users completely convinced. The cooperation with Celantur is always goal-oriented and easy-going. Simply the best solution on the market!"

Dipl.Ing. (FH) Wolfgang Probst

AllTerra DS

"Celantur is our partner in making our platform GDPR compliant. Both on technical as well as business level we have a good click and we created a scalable solution that will be beneficial for both of us."

Sander Vlotman

Managing Director
CamenAI B.V.

"Effiziente und zuverlässige Anonymisierungslösung für verschiedene Bildformate. Unkompliziertes Handling, freundlicher Service, faire Preise."

Barbara Thaler

Lead 3D Geodata Management
orbis360 SA

"With Celantur we have found a state-of-the-art solution for getting our mobile mapping solutions GDPR compliant. Their platform is easy to use, fast and the most reliable automated blurring tool we know - and we’ve tried a lot. Thanks to them we are finally able to focus fully on our core product again!"

Daniel Höller

qapture GmbH

Trust and Compliance

Data Protection is our core business. That's why we have strong measures in place to comply with the GDPR and other data protection laws.

Images are processed in GDPR-certified data centers in the European Union

External Data Protection Officer at service

All data and storage devices are encrypted

Technical and Organizational Measures (TOM), Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA), Records of Processing Activities, etc.

Regular & unannounced Data Protection Audits

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have

How long does anonymization usually take?

Processing time may vary depending on several factors (resolution, total amount of objects to anonymize, hardware limitation, etc). For example, for 32 MP panorama images, we can anonymize 200.000 images (cloud) and 20.000 (on-premise) in 24 hours.

How much does your service cost?

We charge a fee per image or video hour. Here you can create a demo account and test it for free. For large projects, our Sales Team will assist you with a tailor-made offer based on your specific needs.

How is the process of image and video blurring automated?

Our core technology is based on Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), a class of deep learning techniques most commonly applied on object detection in images and videos. These machine learning models are deployed within our highly-scalable cloud platform. If you want to know more, you can consult our Technology page.

Cloud vs. on-premise solution?

The majority of our customers use the cloud solution. It’s easy to use, requires no maintenance and can process a lot of data in a very short time. The on-premise solution is mainly used when data processing needs to be done offline due to security requirements. For more details, check this blog post.

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