Automated Blurring.
For Images and Videos.

Automatically blur faces, bodies and license plates.
Comply with data protection laws.

Mobile Mapping

Fast, precise and scalable solution for blurring a large number of panorama and planar images.



Fast, precise and scalable solution for blurring a large number of RGB images and videos.


Cameras are everywhere. Countless photos and videos are taken everyday. Countries around the world are getting more restrictive with privacy and data protection. Processing and storing photos and videos containing personal comes with strings attached. However, Removing personal data like faces or number plates manually is awefully time-consuming and costly. Our service uses deep learning and computer vision to do that automatically.

Easy to use

Use Celantur's technology the way you prefer. As a service, via Web API, or as an on-premise SDK.

Scalable & AI-powered

Process large amounts of data with ease. Our machine learning models run in the cloud and scale with your needs.

Fast & cost-efficient

Automated Anonymization is faster and more cost-efficient than human labor.

Trust and Compliance

Data Protection is our core business. That's why we have strong measures in place to comply with the GDPR and other data protection laws.

Images are processed in GDPR-certified data centers in Europe

External Data Protection Officer at service

Yearly Data Protection Audit

Up-to-date Documentation: Technical and Organizational Measures ("TOMs"), Records of Processing Activities and Service Description


Images anonymized





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