Computer vision, startup, privacy. These three words are the cornerstone of our company. Our way to impact the world is using technology to make privacy protection for images and videos effortless.

Alexander Petkov

"I founded Celantur because of a sense of adventure, challenge and huge learning opportunity. I'm really proud of our team of very bright minds. Together we're building world-class solutions for industry-leading companies. This still leaves me in awe when I realize how far a simple idea can go with commitment and passion - even though we're just at the beginning. Besides of work I love to spend time with family and friends, cook, do sports and read a lot to understand the world a bit better each day."

Boyang Xia

"I started my career as a chemist working in the quality assurance of a global pharmaceutical company. Realizing that 80% of my job could be automated by computers, I transitioned to machine learning and software development with the goal to free people from repetitive desktop tasks so that they can focus on purposeful work. Thus together with Alex, I founded Celantur with our solution to automate the blurring of personal data, enabling companies to focus on their core business. In my leisure time, I engage in Effective Altruism and coordinate a local group."

Mario Sabatino Riontino

"Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, starting a business was a natural thing for me. I joined Celantur as co-founder because, after years working in the consumer business, I was looking for an opportunity to put my business background at the service of Machine Learning based technologies. I am proud that companies are trusting our solution and expertise to solve the under-rated problem of privacy while still allowing them to employ data for innovative products and services. Apart from work, I am passionate about basketball, history, wine, and specialty coffee."

Barlas Yardimci
Software Engineer

"I joined Celantur because I was looking for an opportunity to grow with an innovative technology startup that would let me take responsibility and step up when needed to. I am proud that we can provide solutions tailored to customer needs, that I can contribute to with my ideas, experience, and code. Outside of work, I am passionate about water polo, tech, and food, and also enjoy horror stories every now and then."

Georgii Krikun
Performance Engineer

"During my years as Ph.D., I realized that the activity that accompanies any task in theoretical physics, namely creating computer algorithms that can achieve the goal most efficiently, slowly became more interesting to me than physics itself. Therefore, I moved into the field of performance computing, where I could find the best application for my skills. I joined Celantur because the task here is a direct challenge to my skills and the company works in the data security field, which I take very seriously. In my home country, Russia, there were a large number of personal data leaks from big companies. It lead to a substantial increase in online crimes, particularly frauds, in recent years."

Dominik Heindl
Machine Learning Engineer

"With the ever-growing demand for new data in our digital world, I think it is important to preserve the privacy of individuals and prevent the accumulation of personal data in unwanted places. Celantur is helping mitigate the damage of uncontrolled data collection, at least in images and videos. Their approach to anonymizing personal data stood out to me and sparked my interest in the company. I wanted to be part of this amazing idea and help with my expertise. With my background in Machine Learning, I try to improve the automatic detection of personal data and help individuals to preserve their privacy. Besides work, I like to spend my time with friends and family, playing video games and football or going for a hike."

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