# create task to blur faces on an image
config = {
  "anonymization_method": "blur",
  "face": True

response = requests.post(
  headers={'Authorization': auth_token}

Image Anonymization API

Blur faces, license plates, persons and vehicles on images in seconds with a simple REST call.

Everything developers need to anonymize images

We've been building image anonymization solutions since 2018. Now, we enable every developer to use our world-class technology.

Anonymize Personal Data

Faces, Persons, License Plates, Vehicles

Multiple anonymization methods

Choose whether to blur, pixelate or blacken personal data.

Industry-grade Detection Rate

High-quality anonymization, trusted by leading companies globally.


Trigger HTTP callbacks when anonymized images are ready to be fetched.


Receive metadata about detected objects (object type, coordinates, ...)

Segmentation Masks

Incorporate generated segmentation masks in your image processing workflows.

Easy Result Analysis

Display bounding boxes and confidence scores directly on images.

Privacy Compliance

Comply with the GDPR, CCPA, PIPL and other data protection laws.


Data transfer via HTTPS and processing in GPDR-compliant datacenters in the EU.


Anonymize a few or thousands of images with ease.

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