Automated Blurring
for Mobile Mapping

High-quality and scalable image anonymization solution.
Automatically blur faces, bodies, license plates on panoramas, planar images and videos

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Blur objects
to protect personal data.

Our solution can be configured to blur several object types, to protect individuals' privacy.



License Plates


Various image types supported.

We support nearly all kinds of RGB-imagery, from photo to video for indoor and outdoor mapping.




Our software runs
where you need it to.

Different projects have different requirements. Choose a platform to enable maximum scalability, security, speed and connectivity.
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Full-service, easy and scalable.


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Runs at your, or your customer's in-house infrastructure.





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"Celantur has helped us win well-known customers for our mobile mapping business.
Their solution has made us and our users completely convinced.
The cooperation with Celantur is always goal-oriented and easy-going.
Simply the best solution on the market!"

Dipl.Ing. (FH) Wolfgang Probst

CEO of AllTerra DS

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Trust and Compliance

Data Protection is our core business. That's why we have strong measures in place to comply with the GDPR and other data protection laws.

Images are processed in GDPR-certified data centers in the European Union

External Data Protection Officer at service

All data and storage devices are encrypted

Annual Data Protection Audit

Up-to-date Documentation: Technical and Organizational Measures ("TOMs"), Records of Processing Activities and Service Description

Why Celantur?


Provide imagery via cloud upload, access our services via API or run it on-premise.

Scalable & AI-powered

Get large projects done with ease. Our machine learning models run in the cloud and scale with your needs.

Cost Efficient

Automated anonymization is faster than human labor. The more you anonymize, the less you pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have

Which Mobile Mapping Systems (MMS) do you support?

We can anonymize nearly all kinds of image and video data.
So far we successfully processed data from the following Mobile Mapping Systems:

  • Trimble MX9
  • Trimble MX7
  • Trimble TIMMS
  • Leica Pegasus:Two
  • NavVis M6
  • NavVis VLX
  • GeoSLAM ZEB Discovery
  • Topcon IP-S3
  • VIAmetris bMS3D LD5+ (backpack)

How long does anonymization usually take?

Our cloud platform is capable of anonymizing around 200.000 panoramas* in 24 hours.
Processing time may vary depending on several factors (resolution, total amount of objects to anonymize). Additional time for data handling and transfer needs to be considered as well.
* panorama images with a resolution of 32 MP

Read our article "Image Anonymization for Mobile Mapping" in GIM International

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