Celantur Container

Fully-automated image and video blurring software. Deploy highly scalable into your on-premise and cloud data workflows.

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Anonymize personal data

Automatically remove personal identifiable information (PII), to protect individuals' privacy.



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Easy to integrate

POST and GET data via REST API

Seamless integration into your data workflows via REST API.

❯ API Endpoints

❯ API Examples

POST Request'/v1/file?method=blur&face=true' 'fileobject=@/path/to/image.jpg'
Response{ "content-type": "image/jpeg", "id": {image_id}, "metadata-url": "/v1/file/{image_id}/metadata", "binary-mask-url": "/v1/file/{image_id}/binary-mask", "instance-mask-url": "/v1/file/{image_id}/instance-mask", "anonymised-url": "/v1/file/{image_id}/anonymised" }

Read from file system

Simply specifiy input and output directories.

❯ File System Documentation

Transfer NumPy array via TCP socket

Send and receive images either as an image or NumPy array via a TCP socket connection.

❯ TCP Mode Documentation

Fetch from API

Let Celantur Container read/write data from queues.

❯ API Fetch Documentation

Extract Metadata and Segmentation Masks

Metadata and Masks extracted from processed images can be ingested into your data workflow.
❯ Segmentation Mask Documentation

Anonymized Image
JSON Metadata{ "id": "image-name.jpg", "detections": [ { "id": 0, "offset": [1586, 776], "bbox": [1586, 776, 3094, 3453], "score": 0.9994864463806152, "type_label": "person", "color": [128, 85, 0], ... }, ...
Binary Segmentation Mask
Instance Segmentation Mask

Success Stories

Read how industry-leading companies use Celantur Container to solve their privacy challenges.

greehill provides Green Asset Management without privacy concerns

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Fortune 500 tech company develops L4 self-driving vehicle technology in a GDPR-compliant manner

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