Automated Blurring.
For Automotive.

Automatically blur faces, bodies, license plates and vehicles.
Comply with data protection laws.

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Blur objects
to protect personal data.

Our solution can be configured to blur several object types, to ensure individual's privacy.



License Plates



Apply on all kinds of
RGB images and videos.

Anonymize images or videos taken by a wide variety of devices.

Front, rear and side cameras

Panorama cameras



Our software runs
where you need it to.

Different projects have different requirements. Choose a platform to enable maximum scalibility, security, speed and connectivity.
Run it where you need it.


Full-service, easy and scalable.


In-house and connected to the internet.

Offline On-premise

Runs at your, or your customer's in-house infrastructure.

Trust and Compliance

Data Protection is our core business. That's why we have strong measures in place to comply with the GDPR and other data protection laws.

Images are processed in GDPR-certified data centers in the European Union

External Data Protection Officer at service

All data and storage devices are encrypted

Annual Data Protection Audit

Up-to-date Documentation: Technical and Organizational Measures ("TOMs"), Records of Processing Activities and Service Description

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Legal Compliance

Comply with GDPR, CCPA, and other data protection laws with ease and focus on your core business instead.

Scalable & AI-powered

Process large amounts of data with ease. Our machine learning models run in the cloud and scale with your needs.


Provide imagery via cloud upload, access our services via API or run it on-premise.

Any kind of RGB imagery

Anonymize images or videos taken by a wide variety of devices.


Automated Anonymization is faster than human labor.


Automated Anonymization is more cost-efficient than human labor.

We offer a service to automatically blur personal data on RGB imagery, to enable our customers to process thousands of images while complying with data protection laws.

Our technology is based on cutting-edge deep learning models and a scalable cloud infrastructure, to anonymize large amounts of images with high precision in a short time.

We stand out with a combination of state-of-the-art technology, scalability and ease of integration.

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We speak English, Deutsch and 汉语!