Celantur Launches New Large-Scale Anonymized Data Transfer Service with LYVE Mobile by Seagate

This innovative solution provides customers with trusted data protection while transferring data.

09 May 2023, by Mario Sabatino RiontinoAsk a question

Linz, May 09, 2023 - Celantur, a leading provider of image and video anonymization software, today announced a new service for its customers to transfer large-scale anonymized data using LYVE Mobile by Seagate.

Celantur GmbH is a leading provider of image and video anonymization software, with customers on 4 continents. By doing so, they help companies, organizations, and municipalities to comply with data protection laws, as well as respond to the growing customers’ sentiment toward privacy.

Seagate Technology Holdings plc is a world leader in data storage infrastructure solutions, serving businesses and consumers in more than 100 countries. LYVE Mobile by Seagate is a fleet of data transfer solutions that enable businesses to move mass data quickly, securely, and simply from endpoints to the edge and to the landing destination of their data—be it private, public, or hybrid clouds. It provides the convenience of a cloud storage service, with the added benefits of privacy and security.

By combining LYVE Mobile by Seagate with Celantur's anonymization software, we aim to offer a trusted service to customers who require anonymization when moving data between different jurisdictions or want to anonymize data for security or regulatory concerns.

"At Celantur, we are thrilled to offer our customers the data transfer service provided by Seagate. With our expertise in image and video anonymization and Seagate's cutting-edge data storage and transfer technology, we can meet the growing demand for secure and privacy-compliant data transfer" said Alexander Petkov, CEO of Celantur.

With only a fraction of enterprise data being put to work due to regulatory, economic, and storage complexities, Seagate has simplified how mass capacity data is securely captured, aggregated, transported, and managed.” added Melyssa Banda, Vice President of Lyve storage solutions at Seagate Technology. “With the Lyve Mobile portfolio, Seagate brings together over 40 years of experience in serving enterprises with high-performance secure and reliable data management solutions”.

For more information, please visit https://www.celantur.com/.

Media Contact: Mario Sabatino Riontino, COO marketing@celantur.com

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