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greehill: Green asset management without privacy concerns


Making cities greener, safer and more resilient is widely accepted as a top priority among citizens and officials. In particular, trees help to mitigate atmospheric pollution, reduce the impact of traffic on air quality and increase the attractiveness of routes for exercise and sustainable transport.

greehill provides the data and platform to monitor and optimise the health and safety of urban trees. Detailed 3D digital twins and AI-powered recognition models are capable of identifying trees and determining their exact structure and placement in a dynamic urban environment.

A pointcloud generated by greehill.

To achieve this, greehill gathers massive amounts of image data using a combination of high-resolution cameras, mobile and terrestrial laser scanning devices. This imagery also contains personal information (e.g. faces, licence plates) that needs to be blurred to comply with data privacy regulations.


Due to the large amount of data, Celantur’s container was deployed into an Azure environment, providing an automated and scalable solution to blur the sensitive information contained on the images. Therefore, greehill’s team can focus on their core expertise: providing actionable insights about urban trees for their clients, making cities healthier and a better place to live.

Celantur's contribution

Fully-automated anonymization of hundred thousands of high-resolution street-level images

Privacy of citizens protected

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greehill accelerates the digital transformation of green asset management and makes cities greener, safer and more resilient.

Industries: Surveying, Machine Learning

Location: Hungary

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