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Horus: Streamlining blurring and GDPR compliance for mobile mapping applications


Privacy regulations around the world, like GDPR, LGPD, PDPB & CCPA, require that personal information (e.g., faces and license plates) must be anonymized when processing street-level imagery data.

To fulfill these regulatory and market-driven requirements, Horus needed to decide whether:

  1. developing this in-house or integrating a third-party solution
  2. running the process on the cloud or on-premise.

After an internal evaluation, Horus decided that integrating a third-party vendor for image anonymization is a cost-effective, efficient, and high-quality solution for its clients.

Considering the massive amounts of imagery data, a cloud-based SaaS solution was not an option for their clients due to cloud storage costs, upload bandwidth limitations, and data transfer policies in some countries. Thus, Horus opted for on-premise data processing.


Horus & Celantur worked together to launch HORISON automated blurring - a tailor-made solution built with Celantur Container, that allows Horus’ customers to anonymize street-level imagery.

HORISON automated blurring workflow. ©HORUS View and Explore B.V.


  • Automatically blur faces, bodies, and license plates on panoramas & planar imagery
  • Deploy HORISON blurring on-premise for fast, secure, and offline post-processing
  • Import and transform imagery in different formats (*.JPEG, *,PGR and *.HRS)
  • Output data (including *.PGR, *. JPEG, or *.HORUS) can be used directly within your workflows like Cubemap & MultiRes

"Horus has been using the Celantur blurring tool for a few months now and we're very happy with the results. The tool is incredibly easy to integrate and to use. The ability to quickly and easily blur sensitive information has saved us a lot of time and effort in post-processing our data. Overall, we highly recommend the Celantur blurring tool to anyone who needs to protect sensitive information in their data."
- Bas Beukers | Director Business Development & Marketing
Horus Mobile Mapping imagery.

Celantur's contribution

Enabling Horus' global customer base to easily anonymize vast amounts of mobile mapping images, and comply with data protection regulations.

Enabled Horus to provide more value to their customers.

Protecting privacy of citizens around the world.

Tell us your privacy challenge. We're here to help.

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