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Looom: GDPR-compliant AR/VR applications by using Celantur Cloud API


In the early stages of Looom's data protection journey, they encountered a significant challenge. They needed a reliable and efficient solution to blur personal information contained in images before delivering it to their clients - especially when running indoor scanning campaigns with NavVis M6 and NavVis VLX. As the volume of image data continued to grow, manual blurring became impractical and time-consuming.

Anonymized panorama image of a parking garage. (c) Looom GmbH


To address this challenge, Looom initially turned to Celantur's easy-to-use cloud service, which provided a straightforward method for blurring personal information in images. However, as their data grew, Looom recognized the need for an integrated and scalable solution.

Looom made the strategic decision to switch to Celantur Cloud API, a robust REST-based web solution. This integration allowed Looom to blur faces, license plates, persons, and vehicles on images within seconds using a simple REST call. Celantur Cloud API seamlessly fits into Looom's workflow, providing automation and scalability without compromising on data privacy.

"When digitalizing production sites and office spaces for our clients, it’s difficult to avoid having people present at the scan location, leaving us with thousands of panoramic images to anonymize. Thankfully, Celantur has provided us with a dependable and quick solution, allowing us to swiftly blur all personal information on all images with ease."
- Arnold Wenger | CEO, Looom GmbH
Anonymized panorama image of a train station in Austria. (c) Looom GmbH

Celantur's contribution

Offering an easy-to-use, scalable and web-based image anonymization API.

Enabling more business and upselling-opportunities for Looom.

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Looom, an owner-managed digitalization agency based in Linz and Vienna, is renowned for its diverse team of experts specializing in 3D Indoor Mapping, 3D scanning, CAD, Digital Twin Consulting, Digital Factory Consulting, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and 3D Animation.

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