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MiraCAD: Anonymizing ultra high resolution images


MiraCAD carries out 3D data capture using laserscanners and mobile mapping devices all over Canada. For a particular project, they were planning to capture high-resolution images with 42 data stations x 12.000 cube images per data station with resolutions of up to 510 Megapixels.

In total, they forecasted to collect between 500 and 600 thousand images (ca. 25 Terabytes of data).


Due to a large amount of data and enormous image resolution, Celantur Container was deployed on MiraCAD's local infrastructure, providing an automated and scalable solution to blur personal information, while avoiding possible network throughput bottlenecks.

Celantur's contribution

Enabling MiraCAD to blur personal data directly on ultra-high-resolution images

On-premise deployment on local infrastructure

Privacy of citizens protected

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About MiraCAD

MiraCAD offers reality capture, visualization, and digital strategy implementation for industrial facilities. The MiraCAD team combines engineers, surveyors, designers, and programmers who work with facility owners to extract the most value from 3D data and high-resolution photography.

Industries: Reality capture, Geospatial

Location: Calgary, Canada

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