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orbis360: Mapping Switzerland while protecting privacy


Orbis360 offers versatile data collection and publishing services by utilizing a multitude of mobile mapping and laser scanning systems, which they use to collect panoramic and geo-referenced images.

Their clients include public administration, public transport, engineering offices, and urban planners who are increasingly concerned about data privacy of personal data collected on these images.

Efficient and accurate capture of the environment while protecting privacy, by orbis360.


At the early stage of orbis360’s data protection journey, orbis360 used Celantur’s easy-to-use cloud service to blur personal information contained on images before being delivered to clients. As the amount of data grew, orbis360 decided to deploy Celantur Container on-premise.

Celantur's contribution

Initial offering of Celantur Cloud Service to accommodate smaller projects

Subsequent on-premise deployment of Celantur Container to meet higher customer demand

Personal data is protected when making data available to orbis360 customers

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About orbis360

Orbis360 offers 3D data collection and engineering services.

Industries: Engineering Services, Mobile Mapping, Laser Scanning

Location: Sion, Switzerland

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