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PLACE: Anonymizing street-level images for settlement improvement in Kenya


Spatial Collective, a PLACE supporter in Kenya was contracted by the World Bank to develop technology-driven approaches to support informal settlement improvement in Nairobi, Kenya.

To provide mapping data, high-resolution 360-degree street imagery was acquired and employed to geo-tag city features and objects across four informal communities in the city. In addition to that, data will require updates every 6-12 months.

Its community must also agree to the responsible and ethical use of data by signing PLACE’s use agreement which includes the Locus Charter, where data minimization and privacy protection are key principles. To remove personally identifiable information (PII), specifically number plates and faces, PLACE sought a robust image anonymization solution so that the imagery hosted in the PLACE Trust, and used in a locally developed attribution app, could be appropriately redacted.

An anonymized panorama image from Nairobi, Kenya by PLACE.


PLACE needed to deliver fully anonymized street imagery to Spatial Collective. After considering several solutions PLACE selected Celantur to meet its PII requirements. Celantur's cloud service has produced consistently positive outcomes protecting individuals’ privacy on the thousands of 360-degree terrestrial images collected.

Celantur's contribution

Process data as soon as the street images were uploaded from Nairobi by Spatial Collective

Simple usage, no code or any on-premise software required

Protecting privacy is a key component of the Locus Charter, a set of common international principles regarding the ethical use of geospatial data. Using Celantur's solution demonstrates PLACE’s commitment to these principles.

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PLACE is a non-profit data institution that partners with governments to produce up-to-date, detailed aerial, and street imagery. The data we produce is owned by governments who provide us with a perpetual use license for the PLACE Trust, which is then available to the PLACE Community.

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