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qapture: GDPR-compliant digital twins


The construction of the “Neue Eisenbahnbrücke” bridge in Linz represents a crucial infrastructure project for the city of Linz, Austria. It requires maintenance work, checks, and tests at different annual intervals are necessary. To make this process more efficient, it was decided to create a detailed and high-resolution digital twin in order to rely on real-time data and analyze it over time.

As part of the "Digitales Linz" program, qapture combined different systems to create an accurate digital twin of the “Neue Eisenbahnbrücke” bridge: a drone equipped with a GeoSlam laserscanner, a NavVis VLX, and a Boston Dynamics SPOT with a FARO laserscanner mounted on its back. The resulting digital twin serves many different stakeholders and use-cases, e.g. evidence preservation, remote inspections, as well as planning of maintenance or renovation work.

To make such data available to all stakeholders and - potentially in the future - open to all citizens, persons and cars had to be blurred to comply with the GDPR. Furthermore, a solution had to be found to export and import images from FARO SCENE, an expert software suite for laserscanning professionals.

The digital twin of the "Neue Eisenbahnbrücke" bridge in Linz, by qapture GmbH.


qapture and Celantur worked together on a solution to export and edit FARO laser scanner images. Using Celantur’s cloud service , faces and license plates were blurred.

Celantur's contribution

Hundreds of high-resolution panorama images were automatically anonymized right after being collected

Personal data is protected when making data available to the city of Linz

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