Mobile Mapping Hardware, Software and Datasets

A list of Mobile Mapping Hardware, Software and Datasets

24 January 2022, by Mario Sabatino RiontinoAsk a question

Figure 1: Example of panorama image blurred by Celantur from Mobile Mapping System. © STRABAG AG
Figure 1: Example of panorama image blurred by Celantur from Mobile Mapping System. © STRABAG AG


Mobile Mapping is the process of collecting geospatial data - images, point cloud, GPS, etc. - using vehicles such as cars, drones, boats, trains, or planes. Its applications range over several use-cases for public and private organizations such as road/rail networks, street asset management, etc.

With this article, we intend to create an introductory list of hardware and software providers that you might choose from, as well as some sample datasets.

Let us know if you want to list your company as well.

List of Mobile Mapping Systems (MMS)




CHC Navigation







Siteco Informatica


Processing Software

The following list gathers in random order some of the well-known pre and post-processing software to handle mobile mapping data.

Whereas you store or share images that contain faces and license plates, you should blur them to comply with the major data protection laws (GDPR, CCPA, etc). For more information, check this checklist of things you need to consider when starting with the blurring of panorama and planar images.

List of open source datasets

Full service providers and others

About Celantur

Celantur offers a fully-automated blurring solution for single and panorama mobile mapping imagery, trusted by enterprises like CHC Navigation and others.

Our technology automatically detects personal data like faces and license plates, and blurs them. ➡️ Give it a try for free

✅ We anonymize all kinds of RGB imagery: planar, cubemap, panorama images and videos

✅ Our cloud platform is capable of anonymizing several 100.000 high-res panoramas images per day and can be deployed on-premise as well.

✅ Industry-grade anonymization quality: detection rate up to 99%

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